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Bookkeeping and Business Planning
for Your Industry

Auto Repair / Auto Body

Lakefront Bookkeeping supports automotive repair clients that do over $9,000,000 per year in sales.If it happens in an auto repair shop, we have probably seen it. Let us help your auto shop reach its full potential.

Construction / Contractors

You are the experts at building. We are the experts at keeping your business financials in order. Lakefront Bookkeeping has helped multiple companies on the back-end so you can be more successful on the front-end.

Gas Stations / Convenience & Liquor Stores

As previous owners of gas stations, Lakefront Bookkeeping understands the pressure you are under from city, county, state, and federal inspectors and regulations. We can take, at least, one thing off your busy schedule.

Professional / Services Industry

From individuals, small, and midsize businesses, Lakefront Bookkeeping can keep your books in order and give you more time for family. As small business owners ourselves, we know nobody wears more hats and works harder than you. Let us help.

Restaurants & Cafes

Lakefront Bookkeeping understands cash flow is the key to your business, but do your really know where your business is financially? Your bank balance at the end of the month is not always the only answer. We know the right ingredients to make your business work.

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